Are you feeling lost amidst life's complexities? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you ambitious, yet feel adrift in a vast sea of possibilities? Do strained relationships with family and friends gnaw at your heart? Are time and money always scarce?

Does life seem...unsatisfying? Even, disappointing? Are you unsure of the life you want to lead and the person you aspire to become? Does grappling with the ultimate question of meaning just seem too massive a challenge for you to take on alone?


Your 7-Step Journey to Living Life On Purpose!

Step 1: Roles

Here we set the stage, inviting you to explore the many roles you embody, such as an employee or business owner, parent, sibling, child, friend, neighbor, volunteer coach, student, subject matter expert, outdoor enthusiast, aspiring chef, amateur investor, and so on. Through engaging exercises and worksheets, we will help you envision what success looks like in each role. You then prioritize and pick the most important roles.

Step 2: Goals

Now you set goals that help you become who you want to be in each of the roles you selected. We help you set short-term, achievable goals that point you toward your larger life goals. And we help keep you accountable. Each goal you achieve starts turning your aspirations into lasting accomplishments. Small steps lead to great growth.

Step 3: Priorities

Take stock of how you spend your invaluable resources – time and money. We ask you to reflect on your current priorities and evaluate if they are serving the ultimate life goals you identified earlier. Then comes the hard part, making tradeoffs and arranging your priorities so they serve your goals and roles.

Step 4: My Foundation

Often we are confused about our priorities and fail to set proper goals because we don't have a clear picture of who we want to become. Many times we don't know who we are and what we stand for. A solid foundation begins with understanding your core values. Goal Genius guides you through a process of introspection and helps you define your belief system. A clear belief system further helps clarify your life roles and gives you the impetus and energy to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Code of Conduct

Now you articulate a personal code of conduct that flows out of your foundational beliefs. Having a personal code of conduct helps you make difficult choices, when it's time to make tradeoffs in how you will pursue your goals. Is your role as a parent more important than your role as a manager, for example? It helps to think this through beforehand, so when the challenging choices come you already have clarity and conviction.

Step 6: Personal Tune-Up

To perform at your best you need to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. We help you examine your habits and see if they are ultimately serving your life goals. The Personal Tune-Up gives you a way to establish and practice the habits that can keep you focused, productive, and balanced.

Step 7: Life On Purpose

Once you’ve worked through the first six steps, we have you work through them again. And again. Goal Genius is a lifelong process of improvement. Every time you set goals and work towards achieving them, you learn how to get better at setting goals and establishing priorities. The more you reflect on your habits, the better you are at prioritizing them. And the more practice you get fine tuning your priorities, the better your understanding of what matters to you becomes. No two journeys through the Goal Genius system are like, because every stage in life is different. What doesn’t change is the importance of introspection and setting clear goals.

It’s time to Live Life On Purpose. Let Goal Genius lead the way. The journey starts now.